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Vegan Cats


written by Gary L. Francione:

“Vegan Cats (Again)

Domestication is morally unjustifiable and we should stop bringing domesticated animals, including dogs and cats, into existence. With respect to those dogs and cats now in existence, we have a moral obligation to care for them. After all, they did not asked to be placed in a world in which they don’t fit; they are here because of *our* collective moral failure.

We should feed our dogs and cats a vegan diet. Dogs are not a problem. We have been feeding our dogs vegan food for decades and they have thrived. We have rescued sick dogs who have amazed veterinarians with their recovery. And they have all been vegans.

What about cats? We know many people who care for cats who thrive on a vegan diet. Not all do. So what is the solution? That we kill cats? That we allow them to wander stray so that they can kill other animals? Does that relieve us of the moral responsibility? Surely, these are not answers.

This problem is one *we* have created. Is it morally justifiable to feed meat to cats who will die without it? No, it is not. Is it morally excusable? It may very well be if we have exhausted all other possibilities. Do you not know the difference between justification and excuse? Then please listen:

Domestication creates all sorts of moral problems. If you think we can tidy them all up, you’re wrong. We cannot. But we can try to shift the paradigm in a completely different direction. And that is what abolition is all about.

By the way, if you’re not vegan yourself, but you are concerned about vegan cats, you’re just looking for an excuse not to be vegan. You can choose; the cat can’t.”

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