Don't worry.
Can I ask how you put the "Ask" link on your main tumblr page? I just enabled the ask feature but cannot for the life of me figure out how to post it in the about me section?

ok so this is me explaining it with my theme, so hopefully it’ll still look nice on yours

go to your tumblr and clicky click the ‘customize’ button

In the ‘info’ tab, in the description box, you’re gonna fiddle with the html

mine looks like this:

<font size=4><b><br><br>I can dig it.
<a href=””>Ask Away</a>
</b></font size>

now, the link part is just <a href=””>Ask Away</a>

just substitute your tumblr’s ask url ( with mine, and replace ‘Ask Away’ with whatever you want your link to say

you can insert <br> where you want to skip down a line

I hope this made some sort of sense (lulz, the first time I spelled ‘since’…), it’s pretty late and I didnt get much sleep…also I hope my basic teachings weren’t an insult to your intelligence, I dont know how many internets you have

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